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Raising awareness for asexuality. If you have any questions about it don't be afraid to ask. I'm not an expert but I'll answer as best I can.

We’ve been here forever
And here’s the frozen proof
I could scream forever
We are the poisoned youth


a fever you can’t sweat out is 9 years old just like brendon urie


Pete educates the nation on the dangers of global warming.


Asexual Awareness Week 2014, save the date



Asexual Awareness Week 2014, save the date


I’m so sorry I haven’t posted or finished that 30 day challenge! I have so much school work ;_;

I’ll definitely be on for Ace Awareness Week<3





if you want to ask a bisexual or asexual person about their sexual history to verify that they’re queer, but you don’t want them to take it the wrong way, try this useful communication technique:

give them twenty dollars and go away.

As a bi person, I can attest to the beneficiality of this method.

As a bi person I absolutely support this technique.

As a biromantic asexual person, I would like forty dollars.

Anonymous said: Hi, I'm the anon from a week ago who asked for advice on explaining asexuality to my mum. I thought I should tell you that I told both my parents today! My dad was happy about it. My mum asked me later why I thought I was asexual and I told her about some of the websites I had looked at and explained that everything I found on those sites indicated my asexuality- she said she's going to read up on it! I'm really happy that it went so well! Thanks for the advice, it helped a lot, stay acesome!

Awh I’m really happy to hear that! Congratulations! 


There are not one, but three major Greek goddess that are asexual created by ancient people. So why can’t they make ace T.V. characters today? 

Kind of a major step backwards, don’t you think?



I was called a fake asexual because i like cuddling and kissing, yet i’m repulsed by sex.

Like um bye. Why do straight people think they know everything about other sexual orientations?


"How can you know you’re asexual if you haven’t tried sex?"

How do you know you won’t like hugging a cactus if you haven’t tried it? Go on. Hug a cactus. Maybe you’ll like it. Go hug a fucking cactus.


Why isn’t platonic marriage a thing? I want to spend my whole life with a person and not be alone. I want someone to live with, cuddle with, raise kids with, watch tv with, beat at video games, and go on random adventures with, and argue with. I just don’t want to have sex with them. Why is this not a thing?